Name of product

BDH Prolabo®

A VWR’s own widerange of laboratory and industrial chemical. The products supplied range from technical reagents to high purity chemicals for trace analysis.

Duksan Pure Chemicals is a major label of solvents and analytical reagents producing company in South Korea offering high purity solvents with very competitive prices.

Merck Chemicals provides products with highest quality, safety and reliability. Its different product categories contain innovative solutions for your analytical applications, state-of-the-art research tools, or special war materials to make your products unique.

SERVA offer a comprehensive products portfolio for the life science research community, such as traditional fine chemicals, innovative reagents for molecular biology and specialties like collagenase for cell biology and products for electrophoresis.

Uni-Chem provides a wide range of analytical reagent & specialty chemicals from China for educational, research and analysis purposes.