Name of product

FRONTIER is a manufacturer that focusing on the Mass Spectrometry and organic analysis such as Multi-Functional Pyrolysis system, Ultra Alloy Metal Capillary Columns. Now they are further deeply detail in solid phase extraction in determine polar organic compounds.

Frontier Scientific 主要製造有機化合物在醫藥、生物化學、工業、政府和生物技術領域上。產品有機構建基塊、樹狀、催化劑科技配體和離子液體等化學品。

AMRESCO is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality biochemicals and reagents for Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, Proteomics, Clinical and Histology areas of research.

APPLICHEM supplies chemicals for chemicals, biological, pharmaceutical and clinical research, and a unique service for color, size, buffering, contract synthesis and ready-to-use solution, sourcing of chemicals and more.

Alfa Aesar produces a comprehensive range of inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds; pure metals and elements; precious metal compounds and catalysts; biochemicals; fuel cell products; nanomaterials; rare earths; analytical products; and select laboratory equipment; offers over 45,000 products in stock, in sizes from gram-scale catalog items to semi-bulk and bulk production quantities. 

J&K offers over 15,000 chemical compounds for the life sciences and material sciences industries to aid in drug discovery, environmental protection, and hundreds of other endeavors serve humanity.